In large scale PV farms, monitoring systems are mostly built into the inverter to prevent anomalies on the utility side and reporting the PV status.  However it is extremely difficult to detect any malfunction in any string/module with inverter level monitoring.  UQ researchers have developed technology to provide real-time fault detection, fault location and identification for PV monitoring.

Key features

  • Solar Farm Fault Detection and Diagnosis (Solar F2D2) is an all-in-one system that automatically detects and locates faulty/underperforming photo-voltaic (PV) panels
  • Solar F2D2 is capable of automatically identifying the cause of PV panel underperformance
  • Solar F2D2 can predict PV panel soiling levels so that cleaning can be targeted where it is needed
  • Applications in PV operations and maintenance of solar farms, industrial solar applications, commercial solar installations and residential.


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